What Makes the McLaren 765LT Spider SO Crazy? – Two Takes

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The McLaren 765LT Spider is the absolute pinnacle of motorsport-grade technology on the street. The 755HP twin-turbo V8 is almost certainly underrated by a wide margin, and produces thrust most resembling private jets at takeoff, moreso than cars. The carbon tub-based chassis helps the LT claim the title of lightest car in its class – just over 3,000 lbs as tested and with certain lightweighting options checked, able to be as light as the high 2800’s. And with its close ratio gearbox and sledgehammer power delivery curve, the LT is able to blow the tires off, through the traction control, in the first *four* gears. Even the electrochromic roof is fast – it raises and lowers in just eleven seconds. Is this the best half a million bucks you can spend on a car? Zack and Matt explore.

McLaren provided the vehicle, insurance, and a tank of fuel for this review.

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The McLaren 765LT Spider is Peak Petrol for Professionals Only – Two Takes

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