What The Spider-Man Cast Final Days On Set Were Really Like

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We’re looking at three generations of cinema, spanning twenty years – yeah, you’ve heard it all before. We’re checking out the Spider-Man movies, taking a peek at actors’ first days all the way back in the early two-thousands to their last days in No Way Home. We’re still hoping it wasn’t the last day for a few of them (namely Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, and even Andrew Garfield). But for now, we’re comparing first days and last days. There were lots of nerves, lots of tears, lots of excitement surrounding the Spider-Man costume. Acting choices that completely shaped a character had to be made on day one (we’re looking at you, Marisa Tomei). She did, in fact, do her best to honour past representations of Aunt May while also completely throwing her own spin on it. She was incredibly vocal about her expectations for the character. Angourie Rice had a weird first experience and a weird last experience. Both Martin Starr and J.B. Smoove had interesting entrances to the marvel franchise; one via a car commercial oddly enough. Tobey Maguire’s first time playing Spidey didn’t have all the hype surrounding it that the subsequent two had so his nerves were non-existent. Don’t believe us? It’s true! Jamie Foxx went from adoring the Spider-Man costume in The Amazing Spider-Man to adoring his own in No Way Home. Willem Dafoe, even in his sixties, could keep up with Tom Holland and the stunt work. Alfred Molina’s first experience on set back in the Raimi trilogy was an incredible experience for him, thanks to the strength of the team.


00:00 Intro
00:19 Tom Holland
01:00 The Spidey Trio
02:04 The Gang’s Last Day
03:08 Zendaya
03:37 Jacob Batalon
04:00 Marisa Tomei
04:32 Marisa Tomei’s Last
05:04 Angourie Rice
05:22 Angourie Rice’s Last
05:52 Tony Revolori
06:09 Martin Starr
06:35 J.B. Smoove
07:03 Tobey Maguire
07:38 Jamie Foxx
08:11Jamie Foxx’s Last
08:41 Willem Dafoe
09:04 Alfred Molina
09:29 Outro

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