When you MATCHMAKE your TARANTULA but he has OTHER PLANS..

Feet boy is back Dirty feet he brought his Thai zebra And uh mature female okay what do you Mean he's the brush why not I give you The brush yeah I know oh okay of course I know why are you putting him towards Me why not Oh [ __ ] uh One more time [Laughter] [Music] In hell man Where is he it's right there [Music] Okay Karamba That's a piece of [ __ ] boy Did you feed your female yeah okay He may bolt out again because now he's In Bolt mode I'm gonna use your brush Doesn't seem like a good idea putting The brush in though [Music] You may run again Go Go [Music] He's typing no it's not he's preparing The ball again Okay Okay Put him down now what you mean you're I'm going to put the thing down and let

Her let him detect the female himself Are you sure oh my God Oh okay uh this doesn't seem fun

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