Why Andrew Garfield’s Return In Spider-Man No Way Home Is So ICONIC

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Why Andrew Garfield’s Return In Spider-Man No Way Home Is So ICONIC. We explain why Andrew Garfield’s return as Spider-Man in No Way Home means so much and feels so Iconic, from the reboot of the Tobey Maguire Films to the cancellation of The Amazing Spider-Man 3, and the redemption for his character as he saves MJ.

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0:00 Andrew Garfield’s Iconic Return
0:58 Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Reboot
2:50 Scrapped Plans For The Amazing Spider-Man 3
3:17 Spider-Man No Way Home Andrew Garfield Scene
4:29 The Leaked Footage
5:20 Garfield’s Return
6:24 Getting Andrew and Tobey back
6:47 The Iconic Return and Redemption
7:14 Competition and Outro

Ok so watching Andrew Garfield come back for Spider-man No Way Home was one of the best moment I’ve experienced in a cinema for a long time. Yeah that might be because cinemas were closed for a good two years but beyond that, the subtext and meaning behind the scene carried much more than it being just a simple cameo.

Throughout this video I wanna breakdown why Garfields return is so iconic and all of the factors that contributed to what’s very much seen as his rise and fall. This entire thing is prety much an underdog story but don’t call it a comeback because the guy has always been excellent, we just didn’t know what we had until it was gone.

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Ok so Andrew Garfield was very much seen as the Black Sheep of the Spider-man Family. Tobey Maguire very much had one of the best comic book trilogies of all time and though his third film is often looked down upon, the first two helped to save the genre in a time where we were still reeling off Batman and Robin. Maguire was a very big part of a lot of people’s childhoods and his first film especially managed to recaptured the origin story from the comics and update it in an exciting and modern way.

His fourth film was shelved and Sony ended up rebooting the character with Andrew Garfield who’s first film released just a mere five years after Spider-man 3. The creative team leaned too heavily into the gritty reboot thing which was fashionable at the time due to the Dark Knight but this didn’t really fit the character. They also had the difficult task of telling an origin story that had already been nailed and though I do think his first film has aged well over time, when it was first released it very much felt like a movie nobody asked for.

Whilst all this was going on Marvel Studios had managed to build the phase 1 of their characters and in the same year they launched their film The Avengers which has pretty much completely changed the comic book movie genre. Fox had also just released X-Men First Class the year before and it just felt like Sony were trying to ride the coattails of everyone else.

Two years later we got the Amazing Spider-man 2, which, though enjoyable felt a bit overstuffed. You had the weird electro story, the green goblin one and Peter trying to solve his parents disappearance which made it just feel kinda middling.

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