15 Best Spider-Man PC Remastered Mods You Absolutely NEED To Try Out

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Insomniac Games’ 2018 Spider-Man effort is already a stellar title when playing vanilla. This year’s PC remaster features a slew of upgraded features and performance enhancements too, taking advantage of powerful PC GPUs to harness their potential for high and consistent framerates, meaning Peter Parker’s freewheeling traversal through the climbs of high-rise New York has never felt as exhilarating.

So, even if Spider-Man on PC doesn’t require any mods t be a fantastic experience, modders have still been hard at work developing new suits, character reskins, and stunning visual filters which range from subtle adjustments to lighting and colours, to visuals which totally transform the look and feel of the game. New mods are being added to Nexus Mods all the time, so this list will likely be outdated by a raft of brilliant mods come Spider-Man 2’s console release next year.

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