Big Google Attacks Daddy & The Big Spider Google App Ad Secrets Revealed

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YOUTUBE DRAMA! With my Big Spider Attacks video now double demonetized I need to make this video to show Google / YouTube how unfair their busted machine learning processes are. Here is a video that Google used in a very popular advertising campaign to promote the Google App. Yet via their machine learning failures my video content constantly gets flagged, demonetized or age-restricted. If I ever win an appeal chances are in time I will be re-flagged or demonetized. Maybe by showing parts of the many pieces of my Big Spider Attacks Daddy video YouTube will re-think their brutal processes. I’m sure no one watching the video fully understand all the tricks that play out over this short video. I don’t understand how a video that Google used for an Ad (free of charge) is now totally worthless on their amazing video site. I’m sure my audience will have a few messages for YouTube / Google after I have my say and reveal the secrets to this very popular viral video. I’m not expecting an apology or sorry from YouTube. I just want their systems to work fairly for all producers. Sadly producing for YouTube these days is like going to war, I’m in a constant battle against their aggressive algorithms and clunky machine learning. I have been a long term producer on this site who has always stayed within the community guidelines yet over the last year YouTube has become a nightmare to produce for.

Video featured is from the Youtube Creator Insider hosted by Tom. Sadly much of what he says flies in the face of what I experience on YouTube and I know I’m not alone.

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