So THIS IS WHY my friend gave me his Tarantula FOR FREE !!!

Let's get this girl in oh he cares yeah I think I'm gonna have to cover my face Like hey hey hey what is going on you Guys welcome back to another video I Think it's been a while since we did a Rehousing I mean since I did a real House thing but I think we uploaded Quite a few like quite recently but then Those who are done quite a while back so Yeah let's get this tarantula into this Enclosure right now but first of all you Guys know how this are all rehousing Video ghosts we will take a look at what Is in this enclosure first so this one Is a little bit different because I mean You'll see so in here right in here we Have got the first thing that you see is An aeroplane yep I put this in this Enclosure to make it look like an Aeroplane just crashed into the jungle So I think that looks pretty good what Do you guys think I mean it kind of Looks fake I mean like I caught the Airplane like yeah it's pretty fake I'm A it's a toy but I mean it's still Pretty cool it gives a little bit of Touch I mean compared to the other Enclosures so yeah over here we have got A coconut shell over here of course we Have got this up straight I mean what Tarantula home will be without substrate Right I wonder what this is oh it's just A piece of wood yeah it's a wood and I'm Back there we've got some plants some

Beautiful looking plants to make the Enclosures stand out and then we have Got a stone over here you know it's Rock To give it a little bit more of a rocky Terrain yeah that's basically it I guess What do you guys think about this Enclosure let me know in the comments Below I mean I think it looks pretty Good check that out yeah I think it Looked good we have to water this year I'm gonna be putting in the water dish First for this enclosure because yeah This tarantula kicks hairs heck of a lot So I don't want to really deal with that Just placing the water dish over here Like a perfect fit at the corner right There now this torrential we'll be able To hide down there so that burrow over There is kind of deep so you'll go all The way in pretty cool so now without Any further ado we will be putting this Tarantula in here I can't find my catch Copper no worries this is a new world Tarantula however we will be Using this is actually a vine that just Came into the mail like yesterday this Will be used for some of the arboreal Enclosures because I will be making some Arboreal custom-made enclosures but I'm Still waiting for my other these Enclosures to arrive first because these Enclosures yeah they can wait I mean my My Avox they're over there they're still In those cruel enclosures we're going to

Be setting up all of the one by one by One enclosures first so yeah let's put Her into here bear with me bear with her Because she's gonna kick hairs and I'm Not gonna have fun in this video let's Just do this She is pretty ballsy as well for a new World so just yeah bear with us oh man She is beautiful she's actually my Friend that was passed over to me Because my friend is allergic to none do Hairs let you see the educating hairs Down here at the but yeah my friend is Kind of older – oh my gosh kind of Allergic to them so yeah when they kick Hairs up my friend homie he breaks up With rash is like crazy amount of rashes So yeah girl you calm down you are kind Of a cuckoo girl I would say so yeah Let's just put this over here just like That like how we always do and I know More today sh-she is notorious for like Destroying a water dish It's insane so yeah let's get her into This and hopefully everything goes Smoothly because oh man she may turn Around and bite this thing but no Worries because I'm not exactly sure What this is but it is soft so if she Bites this she will not get injured wait Doesn't he why does my oh there we go It's focused yeah it's kind of soft I Don't know what material this is some Kind of rubber like a foam kind of thing

Yeah this will look pretty good in Arboreal enclosures but as for now it's Gonna be my prodding stick so yeah so Let's get this girl in – oh you see oh He cares yeah I think I'm gonna have to Cover my face like okay girl oh man this Is not good this is so oh I didn't do Anything stop kicking it hurts man oh my Gosh I'm lately recovering my nose right Now girl I have anyone touched you yet Oh you call yourself a new world huh Call yourself a new world you're okay No No see guys what is she you were doing This is like oh this girl she is she's Mean she is mean man she cares and I Just showered Koen girl whoa come on what are you Doing get up get up get up Go Go you get Your new nicer-looking and clothes off And stop yes man lucky luckily I got This so I can do it from far so I don't Have to deal with her hairs oh man this Girl what the hell Go on keep up stop kicking here get up Get up Go Go Go Go don't fall back your butt oh My God look at all the hairs this is not Good sorry guys I think I'm busy needing To use this stop kickin hairs get up get Up go oh my gosh new roads no old worlds Are crazy new worlds are crazy as well Look at the amount of hair she kicks get In oh my already can feel the itch in me Go go go get in oh my gosh stop it no no

No get in you go go go go go conquer That plane oh my god stop hair kicking Oh What don't I think I can even feel like I'm kind of suffocating right now I Don't know like look at this look at That that is insane look at the hair Yo okay this is why new world oh my gosh New world trend tell us they still don't Want to play with them still do want to Mess with them look at that it's like All the hairs on the ground that is Insane so yeah let's let's just I'm done With this video guys I am done it's just In this video I'm not even gonna let it Reach ten minutes it's just yeah she's Probably gonna kick hairs again okay Good you see all the hairs that are Falling oh my gosh yup I'm glad I got This girl out of the way oh I would say That she is like the worst hair kicker Currently in my collection right now Because you guys saw her I barely did Anything I haven't even touched her with This just now I was like I don't know They can't see by the way tarantulas Damn very very bad eyesight so this one It wasn't even 2 inches in front of her And she already started kicking hairs This is insane so yeah mmm not my cup of Tea this tarantula guys if you want to Get in under Colorado the losses and You are allergic to Nandu hairs then you Better think twice because these guys

Know just know that is why sometimes I Prefer all roles I mean they are like More defensive and more bull tee but I Kind of do prefer them because they Don't make me it's like right now my Hand over here although I was quite far Their hairs are very very fine So yeah I kind of like field itch right Now which which sucks and there's like No way and nothing I can do I don't know If I wash it if I rub it it'll go into The skin so guys know just just no don't I mean you can get this species but Definitely as you can see not a handling Species so yeah that'll be it for this Video I hope you enjoyed if you liked it Make sure you thumbs this video up if You didn't like it you're of course Freedom thumbs it down it's a free world To whatever you want YouTube give you The button if you want to do that just Do that it doesn't really bother I mean Like yeah if you live to this channel Make sure to subscribe and hit a Notification bell so you will know when The next rehousing something like this I'm not sure if mine and otra Pepe maybe I'll do that next Yeah that one hopefully that one's more Aggressive by the way like anything that Moves She will come after I haven't really Seen her kick much hair so yeah Hopefully that's the case so yeah guys

Um that'll be hit I'll see you guys in The next video peace and yeah sorry I'm So bad at out Rose it's been quite a While since I did a last video I'll see You guys the next video peace she's Already exploring and she has gone into Her little hide over there so that is Awesome she's already like getting ready Oh she's coming out of her height okay Yeah girl I'm pretty sure you will enjoy This enclosure don't make a mess this Enclosure already looks nice no I don't Need you digging all over please I what Did I tell you tarantulas such Ungrateful creatures