Fanboy Prewrites MCU Spider-Man 4 (College Trilogy Part 1)

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0:00 – Opening
0:13 – Intro
2:26 – Act 1
9:24 – Act 2
17:09 – Peter at His Lowest
18:38 – Act 3
25:15 – Credits
26:18 – Conclusion

Music Used (Spoilers):
“Spider-Man No Way Home Theme on Guitar” by Niall Stenson

“Post Malone, Swae Lee – Sunflower (Spider-Man) INSTRUMENTAL” by 101K

“Alone” by Aakash Gandhi

“Black Mass” by Brian Bolger

“Dead Forest” by Brian Bolger

“I Drank Alone” by TrackTribe

“Jungle” by Aakash Gandhi

“Runnin Partner” by Aaron Lieberman

“Black Suit Spider-Man Theme (Spider-Man 3) on Guitar” by Niall Stenson

“The Empty Moons of Jupiter” by DivKid

“Stark Goes Dark” by The Whole Other

“Marvel Studios Fanfare (Thor: The Dark World) [Marvel Cinematic Universe Guitar Medley]” by DSC

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This video is a review/critique protected under fair use. All clips used are transformative as they accompany my commentary and are therefore within my legal rights to use.

This video is NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN. Though it is possible that the topics and characters I discuss may appeal to some children, the language and visuals that I use are, at times, not appropriate for young children.

Stan Lee Signed Amazing Spider-Man #107 Comic Book

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