Marvel’s Spider-Man: The New Avenger (Fan) Trailer 2017

Puffy Lux

Note: The reason why I didn’t have Tom Holland as Spider-Man is because I finished this trailer last Saturday which was before he was announced for the role and because I’m not a fan of the actor and personally I don’t think he would do good as Spider-Man/Peter Parker (that’s just my opinion, he could be good or not), so I didn’t think it was worth re editing the whole thing just to include Holland and there aren’t that many movies of him that goes well with the trailer. So I decided to go with Grant Gustin because he’s one of the few actors I would not mind replacing Andrew Garfield. I know he’s The Flash and wouldn’t be Spider-Man but if he was Spider-Man, I think he would’ve been the best choice to replace Garfield. This is personally how I think the Spider-Man reboot should be (even though I would prefer Marvel doing The Amazing Spider-Man 3 instead). The story should focus on how Peter is dealing with his powers while he also has struggle with his school life. The villains in this trailer are Kingpin, Black Cat, and The Chameleon. The cast in this trailer is
Grant Gustin as Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Katie Cassidy as Gwen Stacy
Brittany Snow as Mary Jane
Eddie Redmayne as Harry Osborn
Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin/Wilson Fisk
Emily Blunt as Black Cat/Felicia Hardy
I do NOT own anything and this is for entertainment purposes NOT profit.
I used clips from
Spider-Man (2002)- Sony/Colombia Pictures
Spider-Man 2 (2004)- Sony/Colombia Pictures
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Spider-Man 3 (2007)- Sony/Colombia Pictures
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The Walk (2015)- TriStar Pictures

The music is (in order of appearance)
“Odyssey” by Hi-Finesse
“World Without End” by Brand X

Remember I do NOT own anything and this is for entertainment purposes NOT profit. Hope you enjoy.

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