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Buy Baby music for playtime & baby songs for kids with Leo the truck! Here are 10 funny songs for babies and a lot of baby music songs! Sing with Leo a new Spider song for kids to dance, Twinkle twinkle little star lullaby for babies, an incy wincy spider rhyme for babies, a numbers 1-10 song for toddlers, a months song for kids and many other funny songs for babies and baby music to sleep! Sing with Leo the truck and have fun with us!

00:01 – Sing with Leo! Colored Spiders baby song
02:32 – Twinkle Twinkle Little star lullaby for babies
06:15 – Baby music for playtime. Sing with Leo the truck! The suitcase song
09:58 – Who took the cookie from the cookie jar? Funny songs for babies with cars and trucks for toddlers
11:48 – Learn months song for babies and sing with Leo the truck!
13:34 – Baby music songs. Incy wincy spider rhymes
15:05 – Baby song about the house
17:38 – Sing with Leo the truck! Numbers 1-10 song
19:03 – Song for kids to dance with Leo the truck and his friends
21:51 – ABCD sing with Leo song for toddlers

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