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Spider-Man: No Way Home swings back to the number one spot at the box office in its sixth weekend run, bringing in $14.1 million dollars. This puts Spidey at a massive domestic total of $721.5 million dollars since its release, placing it in fourth place among the highest grossing movies of all-time in the US and Canada. Right now, No Way Home is sitting just behind Avatar, which pulled in $760.5 million domestically. So currently, No Way Home is roughly $40.1+ million behind, and the question is, can No Way Home thwip on by Avatar and snag that number 3 spot? #SpidermanNoWayHome is currently 31% ahead of Avatar, which was at $551.7 million at the end of its six week run. But where the two differ, as Deadline points out, is that Avatar continued to pull in sizable numbers well into Presidents Day weekend; whereas No Way Home was more front-loaded with presale tickets and many seeing the movie within the first week of its release. In a featurette taking viewers behind the scenes of the upcoming Uncharted film, Tom Holland breaks down one of the most challenging stunts he’s ever had to perform. And finally in your entertainment news, a couple of fans are suing Universal for allegedly being tricked into renting the 2019 movie Yesterday after they saw a certain actress was in the trailer but not the final cut of the film.

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