Spider-Man vs Sinister Six – NO WAY HOME Stop-Motion Film

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The direct continuation of 2017’s Homecoming and 2021’s Endgame, Peter is confronted with the ultimate question: Does the world need Spider-Man anymore? Does Peter need him anymore? In this epic tale, Peter is put in an alternate place where he might not need to fulfill his responsability anymore, but alternate timlines eventually bring alternate foes and heroes that will change his life forever.

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Music used:
Flight of the bumblebee – Alto sax – FAST!! – Fabio Marziali
Undercover of Darkness (Lofi sad Strokes cover) – SadQuietLofiChannel
Spider-Man No Way Home Main Theme cover Garageband – nonorchestra
Amazing Spider-Man 2 theme Hans Zimmer Garageband IOS epic cover recreation – Creepyrobot23
Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack orchestra cover – Greg Robert
Spider-Man main title (improved) – Martin Shulz
Spider-man Soundtrack: Responsibility Theme FL Studio 9 EWQL Symphonic Orchestra (BETTER QUALITY) – Mlaumusic

Stan Lee Signed Amazing Spider-Man #107 Comic Book

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